Crack the Technology thing behind printer & reman printer cartridge

There are always complaining voices that while using remanufactured cartridges, the printer sometimes gives wrong warning of ink volume and then the party involved, me included, gets worried and irritated.

But some tech-savvy guys say there is nothing going wrong and all the more no need to worry at all.

Here goes their points.

The remanufactured inkjet cartridges boast sufficient ink. After installation, the printer will read off the original cartridge memory and display a yellow “ !”, message of “ low ink volume”, or instructions to change cartridges( cartridge status light may also be turned on,).This is NOT a defect of the cartridges and will have no impact on the normal use of the printer and the cartridges. Just ignore the warnings and continue with your printing.

When the light on the printer control panel start to flash, or the system instructions to change cartridge or to press OK to continue the printing, there is No need to change the cartridges.

Press the OK button on the panel for at least 3 seconds until the lights stop flashing. The printer will close the ink volume monitoring and start to function normally. The printer will NOT be damaged by this operation.

During the course of printing, the cartridge s will actually run out of ink when the printout starts to show lack of color, or fuzzy and other signs. You can then change to new cartridges and the printer will restore to the default setting automatically.

Well, after I follow the above instructions, the misunderstanding about the printer & reman cartridges is totally cleared up. So hope you guys, ever tortured by the wrong warning, give it a try and then feel at ease.
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  1. good to know...but i just ignore the low ink warnings until tit actually dies!
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