Very strange infection

I'm encountering an extremely strange issue on my desktop. I keep getting SSL errors when ever I try to go to, or dozens of other sites on google chrome. The exact error is "The site's security certificate is signed using a weak signature algorithm". I can't reach the site at all.

Windows Update service is also not running and doesn't even show up in "services.msc". I get this error "Windows update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer". Obviously restarting doesn't help. I also got a similar error for Microsoft Security Essentials, and it wouldn't run at all so I uninstalled it.

MSI Afterburner also gives me an error when I start it up about how I need to restart to properly detect my hard ware, but I didn't do that before and I tried restarting with that as well.

I've run many, many, scans to detect trojans, viruses, and spyware using AVG Free, Spybot Search and Destroy, Malware Bytes, Spyware Doctor, Kapernsky's Rootkit tool. AVG, and Malware Bytes both turned up and deleted some basic malware & spyware. The others can't detect anything. What's going on?
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  1. click start type troubleshooting
    click on that
    Under System and Security, click Fix problems with Windows Update.
  2. It couldn't identify the problem.
  3. from what you posted it sounds like you have a rootkit, or phage virus.

    some tools
    Norton Power Eraser

    Rootkit Revealer Microsft sysinternals

    hiren's boot cd

    you may want to run your av's in safe mode or in a pe like the one on hirens
    best of luck
  4. also maybe try the microsoft fix it
  5. or this one
    What it fixes...

    •Checks Windows Update component configuration and repairs as needed
    •Resolves incorrect Windows Update data locations
    •Reregisters required services
  6. I can't find a download link for that bootCD.
  7. oops the directions are backwards
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  9. I ran Norton Power Eraser, and it told me my services.exe was bad, and I had to insert my windows installation disk to repair Windows.
  10. fixed now?
  11. Nope. I am reinstalling windows.
  12. Hi,

    Last time I got that problem was because
    of the date: It was the right day and month but not the right year :P

    too bad you had too reinstall :pt1cable:
  13. lol
  14. I should have mentioned it, the Date is 100% correct. I tried that already.
  15. i kind of thought that based on your op. with a rootkit like that the safe thing to do is reload.
  16. /highfive
  17. I reinstalled and it works like it should now. Thanks!
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