- i sure hope u can help us

-basically my husband was lucky to not be laid off but did have overtime decreased...therefore he is cutting back...
-one such cutback is to sell his expensive cell phone he uses on his sprint account...and reactivate an older sprint model...not trying to cancel...or leave sprint ....although after today i want to....anyway .he found a buyer for his expensive phone...i should point out its a buyer that also uses Sprint... even though the phone would be going from one sprint user to another....and most importantly the phone was bought and paid for by my husband...not financed w/ sprint....despite this they will not release the ESN so our buyer can activate it...
i was on the phone extensively explaining financial setbacks...even told them i understood that my husband can not change to a less expensive plan till his past due is paid...but holding his phone hostage till the past due is paid is illegal...they in no way own that phone...not by contract nor financial arrnagement...and they are basically telling him he cant sell his own phone....i understand the number and air time and monthly plan all being part of the contract and things that sprint owns...i understand although i dont like...that customers cant change their plan to something less expensive if they are behind on bills due to financial /income changes....and i get that they own the number....but they do not own the phone and to tell our buyer they wont let them use that phone on their sprint account with their number till kevin pays his bill is wrong on so many levels...please help us...all we want to do is sell a phone to bring in money...a phone kevin bought and paid for ...not financed or owned by is beyond me how they think they can hold something they dont own as hostage for a is not their collateral...please help
210-409-1229 is a number u can call
thank you
Mary Jane
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  1. Well Mary... Unforgivably they have you. Its not that the poor customer service person your talking to does not wanna help you change to the other phone, it is they can not. Most (i think all) cell phone companies have a policy that if you have a past due balance on your account they will not let you change phones or rate plans. The only thing you can do is keep calling and trying to get a new person who either doesnt know any better or who doesnt care and will do a esn (imei) swap for you to your older phone. You can also try going into a store and asking them to switch it over. Try a different tact with them. Say the newer phone is no longer working and want to switch to your older phone. Once it has been removed from that line the esn has been released.
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