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A friend is looking at getting a data plan for his Verizon phone. He is an avid listener of Sirius Satellite Radio. He wants to listen to hos Sirius on his phone but is worried about the bandwidth cap.

Does anyone know how much bandwidth is taken up by streaming? I figuire he will listen while at work so i'd figuire 8hrs. a day streaming max. most likely just for a few shows a day.

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  1. looking at their website its hard to say ...

    Bandwidth requirements are dependant upon the type of programming. Classical music programs require much more bandwidth than talk radio. Theoretically, all things being equal, the more channels offered, the more bandwidth required, the lower the quality. In granular terms, talk radio requires about one-fifth the bandwidth of music radio.

    taken straight form

    They do not get down to brass tacks and tell you exactly how much it will use max or minimum... So tell your friend to do it for one day and see how much MB he uses for those 8 hours and then see if he will go over the 5gb cap by multiplying that by 23 days (added a few days for overtime or long months) to see how much it will use.
  2. thanks that was kinda my thought.
  3. stormadvisor said:
    thanks that was kinda my thought.

    As of 12/11 Sirius on Android consumes about 1 Mega Byte / Minute
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