When will a Ion 2 netbook come with a CULV proc?

I've been waiting for some time to get a netbook. But when i heard about Nvidias ION platform i decided to wait for it to come out. Which was about a 4 month wait. Now its out, and i could pick up an HP 311 right now if i want to, but then i heard about the eeepc 1201n, i figured that i should wait for that and if its any good, ill get that. Now im hearing about the ION 2 coming out very soon. The Atom sucks no doubt but i heard that the ION 2 will support more procs including the CULVs. Which are halfway decent. So im stuck in the "should i or should i not get it" cycle. This is important because i was really hoping to do some gaming on the netbook. Mostly TF2 and other light weight games.

I know the whole "if you keep waiting for the next best thing, you will never get it" But if the wait is only a few months, ill wait. So what do you think? How long will it take for a ION netbook to be available with a CULV?

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  1. Knowing NVIDIA, it will probably be soon than later. The rumors I've seen call for it to come out this month, but then again, there may be a delay or something that I am unaware of. My guess is that their plan is to get it out before X-MAS to sell as many as possible. If not though, I would expect at least by the end of Q1 2010.
  2. NVidia will kind of be pooped with those newer pinetrail platforms, as they probably do not offer much price discount over the regular N270 or N280 platform.

    Wasn't those newer platforms based on a dual Atom processor setting?
    Not very interesting in my opinion.
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