AMD or Intel for Laptops/ HP or Toshiba

I'm pretty sure this hasnt been answered but I am currently looking at computers at circuit city. The notebooks Im looking at are an HP Intel Core 2 duo T5450 and the AMD TL-58. Also am looking at the Toshiba Intel Core 2 duo T2310 and the Amd Tl-58. now I am looking for speed, and good battery life(1.5-2.5 hours are sufficient). I will be running alot of programs at once and dont really want any lag time and want it to be reliable. I'm having a really tuff time because I see that the speed of the Intels are 1.5 GHz and the AMD TL-58 is 1.9 GHz. They both have 2 GB ram. The Hp Intel has 2 mb L2 cache, 667 MHz bus speed, and 5400 rpm harddrive. The Hp AMD has 1 mb L2 cache, 1600 Mhz bus speed, and 5400 harddrive. The Toshiba's Intel has 2 mb L2 cache, 677 MHz bus speed, and 4600 rpm harddrive. The Toshiba's Amd has 1 mb L2 cache, 1600 MHz bus speed, and 4200 rpm harddrive. Sorry If this is alot but i dont really like asking people from circuit city or best buy or any other computer place because i know there in it for the money and dont have half the experience and knowledge of others. If anyone can answer this question that would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.
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  1. go with intel...turion is years old tech.I dont even think amdfanboys will side with turion when it comes to laptops.
  2. It depends on what you are comparing the Turion to. A Turion X2 is about the equivalent of the Core Duo, but the Core2 pulls ahead. It's a tough thing to answer since almost no one does comparisons of mobile parts. Toms has a mobile CPU chart but it is woefully outdated and lacking. I think my vote would be for the Core2 HP.
  3. Core 2 duo.
  4. What's your price range? Plus what are you using it for?
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