What does my DSL got to do with it?

I can't play UT twice in a row, without the sound acting up and I have to reboot the computer. Also, takes an additional 30 sec., after the screen is up for my Internet connection is ready to work. And games won't load till after this 30 sec., but after that it goes like [peep]. Other things will work though, like just moving around in the windows.

Now, if I disconnect my DSL wire, things will work as soon as I get to windows, accept of course the Internet. Also, UT will start a second time with no problem with sound.

Why the hack does my DSL connection have to be recognized, before a game will load, why such delay, and trouble starting UT a second time?

Out side of that WinXP kicks a$$

Live........Finally the drivers we been looking for, compliments of MS
DSL 3Com
Westall Infospeed Modem

Hey Baby, want to play with my computer?
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  1. maybe because UT is a network game which can't work correctly without a correct internet connection as well?
  2. Yeah, I was thinking that could be the reason for the delay. I'll have to try another none Network games, if I have any. Still doesn't explain my sound problem. Why the first time it sounds perfect, then the second try it falls apart.

    Hey Baby, want to play with my computer?
  3. Have you the latest drivers from the creative site for your sound card?
  4. WinXP supports the Live card, so I used those. And when I check for a up date, it was for the Mixer, and some CD player, which I don't care for. WinXP wanted to do some update, and they did upgrade the sound driver which didn't help. Oh well, I'll just have to restart if I want to play twice for now.

    Hey Baby, want to play with my computer?
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