Mirror Desktop?

I use a Macbook as a media center. It's connected to my television and through it I access Netflix and my library of music and videos via Plex.

I use a wireless keyboard and mouse setup currently, but it's not optimal. What I'd like to do is sync a tablet to the Macbook and mirror my desktop display.

In other words, I want to be able to clearly see my desktop icons, access something like Plex remotely from my couch, browse movies, and then play them on the big screen through my Macbook. I'm not looking to stream content from my tablet to the Macbook. I just want to be able to control the desktop.

Is this currently possible?
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  1. Just about any tablet can get remote software installed for them. If it will work with your MAC or not you'd have to check depending on the tablet and app you pick. Just look for RDP or Remote Desktop software.
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