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I just bought anew Acer Laptop with Windows 7. When I try to connect it to my home network it shows a good signal strength but it will not connect me to it. I get a box saying it is an Unidentified Network. We have gone through all the normal internet connection paths and reset the router. We are able to access an Iphone with no problem. WE took this laptop to my sons house and could not access his home network either. Receiving the same Unidentified Network message when we tried. We called Acer and they wanted us to pay for a remote access to this brand new laptop. We refused. We will take the laptop back to the store first because that is not right. Anyone know the answer? Thatnks Joycewe
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  1. Go here:

    Select laptop, then your series and model of laptop and this should bring you to the download page for the drivers for that machine.

    Try downloading and reinstalling the wireless driver for the laptop and then restart the PC, and try connecting to now. This might be all it needs.
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