Android Phones Selling 200,000 a Day!,news-7686.html

Thats pretty impressive it seems that Automated Production Facilities are selling technologies to Automated Androids judging from the commercials, too much Assembly Line Assimilation Sales to each other, hard for me to believe but pardon the puns! Too Much Automated Androids Commercials, Automated Skylabs, whats next Automated gamers who game for you while your busy working or doing automated tasks!:)
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  1. Android is slowly, but surely taking over the world. Prepare for judgment day!
  2. buwish said:
    Android is slowly, but surely taking over the world. Prepare for judgment day!

    The Only thing they could improve is add that T-3 special effects to that phone when dropped it turns to liquid nitrogen than rebuilds itself, that way you don't have to worry about it breaking, and you can ad a premium for accidental damages waaranty
  3. Android has become a mass success in the last years, but at the expense of its pioneering spirit.
    It isn't any more the open source hero of the smartphone's era : he didn't follow Apple but it's clearly the business the new key word.
    imho we should hope in the recent Linux mobile OS :love:
  4. Saying anytime in near future Android market will settle down and other OS will lead the world is hard to believe. Google has created such a universal platform which is not only easy to use but affordable too!!
    These days many new mobile companies are using Android in there smartphones & tablets etc. Consumers have enough choice to for and good of times Google keep working on future version of Android and keep launching newer versions pretty oftentimes.
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