Return to castle wolfenstein

we are running: Kt133a, amd 800 duron, 640 ram, nvidia gef 3 ti 200, win xp. I cannot get this game, or any others to work properly.After the game loads, it locks the machine, or after minimal play it locks up.

I have tried the compatabilty wizard to no avail.

Any ideas????????
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  1. What detonator driver are you running? I've seen many problems report out on the net involving 23.11. My personal experience with Windows ME and nForce is that I had to go back to 21.81 to get 3DMarks 2001 running (and games too I believe).
  2. Try using just one stick of Memory to see if it's an over 512 issue.
    Is your AMD running cool? Check it in CMOS, a small heatsink/fan combo without heatsink compound will make that AMD heat up really fast.
    Good Luck

    Take it with you, be a MobileGamer :wink:
  3. I cant imagine its an over 512 ram issue since this isnt a prob with xp, could well be a heat/power prob though, did you try running it with the case open and see if lasts longer?

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  4. hi i am the person who posted this message origanaly. i am still having problems with the sytem after trying all of what was suggested. plz help me
    i cant play anything now not even my matrix screensaver.
  5. And why did you change your login name?

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  6. i didnt change my login name. the above name is my dads account. i was on his machine when i posted the first request.
  7. that's.........really funny!!!!!
    just make me burst into luagh~
    hey,boy,check your garphic card driver and change it
    i have the same problem in my school.
    But,i always resolve them in this way.
    Another way is,well,very trouble way,reinstall your system:)

    who let tom out!
    who who who!!!
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