I have a dell dimension 051 and want to install full version of windows 7 can I?

Hello,can I upgrade my DE051 with xp home currently to win 7 home
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  1. What is CPU you are having? P4 or celeron. (Specifications from DELL site)
    How much RAM your system has??

    Check your system configuration here.

    Download & Run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

    You must have atleast 1GB RAM & 2GHZ processor with Graphics Support to See windows 7 for least performance.

    According to your system specifications,You can Install 32 bit Windows 7. But Drivers may cause some problem. You Can download them from manufacturer's site, not from DELL.
    No Windows 7 support provided for Dimension 1100.
  2. I have it on a P3 laptop with 1G ram , so if you have a P3 or better and 1G of ram, yes
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