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One of the biggest issues in college when commuting is the time it takes to get to your destination. For me it takes about an hour and twenty-so minutes to get school (via public transport). I could've spend that time productively by reading course lecture notes with an open binder, but it's too big and clunky and causes such an incovience especially if you're reading in a crowded situation.

So that's when I need your recommendation. I need a small pocket-size portable device in which I mainly use for reading lecture notes (usually they are in PDF, MS PowerPoint). Also I'm a student on a budget; I can go from $100 to just under $200.

So what kind of device do you recommend? What is the name of the brand? Price and weblink. Also if Tom has a good article on the product you recommend for me give me the link for that one too.
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  1. Any number of Android tablets would suit you. Try the Nook Tablet, you can find the older models used for around $100. For a bit more you can buy a card that will allow you to boot to a full Android system on the Nook.
  2. Thank you hang-the-9 for your reply. I was actually doing some research between tablets and e-book readers and while e-books can somewhat read PDFs, from what I hear they are not fully compatible with PDF.

    As for the tablets, I'm going for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0" Wi-Fi 8GB Android 4.0. Lots of good customer ratings and it's priced at $199.00 CDN.

    I'll check out the Nook Tablet as you suggested, but meanwhile feel free to critique the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
  3. Samsung would be great for you, that size screen is a good compromise between being useful and portability. I went for a used Nook for you because you wanted to keep it in the 100-200 range, and you can find the dual-core Nook Tablets for 100 or so. But if you are OK with spending $200, a new full Android model would be great.
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