Remove XP boot partition? (old XP disk becoming data drive on SSD system w/ Win


I am upgrading my wife's computer to Win 7. My plan is to give her 12 GB memory and put Win 7 on an SSD. Her present hard drive (Win XP) could become her data drive, and all her photos are already there.

I don't want a dual-boot system though. Mostly to eliminate the pause / select on reboot or sleep. Do I need to remove some file or something from the XP drive to prevent it becoming an unwanted dual-boot option? Or if it becomes dual-boot, can I remove the other boot?
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    If you don't want a dual boot system, simply disconnect the Windows XP disk and install Windows 7 on the SSD. Then reconnect the Windows XP disk and select in the BIOS to boot from the SSD not the Windows XP disk.
  2. That sounds easy. No need to delete anything? Thanks.
  3. When that's all done and you're successfully booting from the SSD, you can delete the windows directory and files from the HDD. After you've installed all the programs she needs to use and made sure there's no data in those windows folders, of course.
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