HP Compaq nx9005 battery question

My battery (f4809a/f4812a) has a full charge. When I press the battery indicator button on the side of the battery, I get one orange LED and 4 green LED's in that order. The orange LED is labeled 20, and the 4 greens are labeled 40, 60, 80, 100 respectively. I think the numbers indicate percentage of charge, but I have no clue why the one is ORANGE.

What exactly does this indicate? Do I have a dead cell?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Bump...surely someone has an idea at least.
  2. I tried looking in the manual for your unit under troubleshooting and didn't find anything. My laptop's battery doesn't have indicator lights, so I'm not much help there. It could very well be that your battery is going bad. I would talk to Dell and see what they have to say.
  3. Thanks for looking, I appreciate the effort.

    I can't talk to Dell about it, the battery is for my HP Compaq Nx9005.

    I agree that the battery has issues because it fails under load. It will power the laptop for nearly 2 hours at idle, but as soon as I open a game, it shuts down. So, its not working with a full deck. I'm thinking it has a bad cell or 2, but not sure.

    My goal of this post is to be certain the battery is the culprit and not the laptop.
  4. BTW, I searched the net for nearly 2 hours and didn't find any help. I also contacted HP and they graciously responded, "We cannot help you with your request as your hardware is out of warranty". They are all heart. :lol:

    If anyone else has a clue or similar experience, please don't be shy. :hello:
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