How to remove a virus from a computer when when anti virus programs wont run

my friends computer has a virus but when he trys to run an antivirus program it wont let him. how can he remove the virus
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  1. Dear babbeygirl, make sure in the PC, another anti-virus program have already installed but that is either in off mode or license will be expired. So don't try to install another program just re-new the already installed suit.
  2. Hi friend, you should try to login a new account on window. When the account is open then you install the anti virus (spyware) program. And then run it. spyware will detect your computer virus.
  3. I'm assuming you are fairly tech-illiterate, so i wont ask too much of you.

    You can try start the computer in Safemode (turn computer on and press f8 until you get the option for safe mode. use your arrow keys and highlight safemode, and then hit enter).

    log onto whatever is the administrator account and see if you can run your anti virus there. If you can't, then you will find it very very tough to remove.

    I would suggest removing the hard drive, and attaching it to another computer (set autoplay to disabled) and scan it using that pc) but that's a bit more technical than i'm guessing you're able to do.

    Failing that, find a techy person who can do the job properly for you, and doesn't charge a lot :)
  4. Hello bambeygirl. First of all if he's using Windows 8 it shouldn't be a problem and if it's an older version than check that if he already has an antivirus if so then update it and get it's licence renewed.
  5. Try this:
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