Netbook possibilities?

I need a netbook with 2 things:
1) 7200RPM HDD
2) IEEE1394 firewire port (whether onboard or added via pcie somehow)

Is there a netbook out there that meets these specs? I've been searching and I'm not sure it exists... :(
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I'm afraid that you're wrong for now - it isn't exist, as I know.
  2. You will not find a 7200rpm hdd in any netbook. Manufactures want to keep the price/power draw low . So they went for a 5400rpm drive instead. BUT there are plenty of aftermarket HDDs you can pick up that you can swap out that are 7200rpm.

    you wont find a fire wire port on a netbook as of right now. Netbooks are all made of the same stuff.

    You either have to take the bandwidth blow and switch back to usb or buy a laptop
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