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I have searched the forums (including Tom's) and googled a bit. But I haven't find a good answer concerning memory upgrade.

I have an Acer Aspire 3050 (AMD Sempron...ya, could have bought something better, but it was the cheapest a year ago...the day before vista is officially preinstalled on all laptops :))

Instead of selling it and add money to get a new laptop, i decided to get my laptop more ram (from 512 MB to 1.5 GB)

I have opened my memory bay and see that Acer has a generic Korean make pc4200 512 memory.

So, I have gone through loads of websites and online stores and concluded that 1GB 533MHz SODIMM is the best bet for my laptop. Since Crucial, Corsair and Kingston are at about the same price, i was determined to get:

Kingston KVR533D2S4/1G (a generic model)

But I used Kingston's memory finder for my laptop model and it returned:

KAC-MEME/1G (specifically for Acer)

I think the answer is "generic will do", but i would still like to know if a generic will still perform the same as manufacture specific RAM.

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  1. Yes it will work the same. Kingston is a decent brand so you shouldn't have trouble with it.
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