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I just moved and we have been with Sprint for years. However, where we are living now has little to none coverage. Sprint checked & agreed to let us out of our contract once we find another carrier. Just put in an order with Verizon & they want a $1200 deposit. I had a bankruptcy on my credit report when I got sprint and never had to pay a deposit! I told them that the corps. screw the little guys again and that I was sorry I considered them. Told them to tell their CEO to take my deposit out of his bonus!
Is there any way to get out of paying a deposit, I will not go pre-paid. That's ridiculous.It seems the more debt you have, the better your credit score.
Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. Go with a month to month plan, all carriers have them.
  3. your credit score probably sucks bigtime. this is based not so much on how much you owe but on how often you pay up. since you have bankruptcy on your report you are a high risk customer. once you make that choice you're stuck with it for a good long time.

    getting upset at verizon isn't going to help you. it isn't their fault that you are high risk. do something about it, work on improving your credit score.

    the standard 2-year agreement is most likely what they want a deposit on. i don't know the reasons but i think it has something to do with them giving you rather substatial discounts off of the retail prices of phones. if you paid full retail price for the phones perhaps you wouldnt have a deposit. a month-to-month plan or their own variation on prepaid might not have such deposits.

    as for the cost of phones... modern android phones can go for $600+ new retail, i paid $50 after rebate including my new-every-two bonus. if you get two phones at retail thats $1100 right there!

    there is nothing wrong with typical prepaid like tracfones. you can make calls and sms just fine with them and for a cheaper price. the only reason to have a plan is if you use hundreds upon hundreds of minutes a month or if you surf the internet on 3g.
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