Upgraded from Vista 32Bit HDD space messed up

Yesterday I upgraded my dad's 32bit vista PC to win7 64bit. Beforehand, I restored to the earliest restore point. I chose to upgrade with a clean install of windows 7. However, now it says i have 93.6 GB of used space on the HDD before adding anything other than windows updates and drivers to it. When i explore the HDD i can only find around 17GB of data (including hidden files). That leaves 75GB of "data" unaccounted for and inaccessible to me. Anyone know how i could "find" this magical ninja data?
I've tried defragmenting and i've done another clean install of win7 (it stopped picking up my network for some reason).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be a huge help.
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  1. When you boot from the Installation disk,at the 'Where do you want to Install Windows' screen, choose 'Drive Options, Advanced'.
    Here you should be able to see your drive layout, and can delete partitions or format them to achieve a 'blank' disk for a clean install.
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