Win 7 - Mic woes.

Hi all, I have recently put a SSD in my rig, and with it, I did a fresh windows 7 64 bit ultimate install. Since then I have installed multiple versions of the realtek drivers, done two fresh installs of windows 7, and tried everything else I can find on the internet in order to get my microphone working.

I am using the ASUS drivers from the asus website, for my p8z77-v Mobo.

The mic is enabled, and ive messed with all settings trying to get it to work.

I dont know if its connected, but i have attached an image below to show some settings etc.

In the image, in the sounds panel you will see the little bar that registers sound - That goes up 1 bar and drops again about every 1 second, the sound is 100% not coming from the microphone. When I unplug the mic from either the front of the rear jack the little thing spikes to full and then drops again, doing its little one bar register thing.

Please help, i am so frustrated and dont know what else to try! The microphone is a Zalman clip on mic, that worked perfectly in windows 7 before the fresh ssd install.

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  1. Have you tried installing Vista drivers?
  2. Try disable microphone and set line-in as default recording device. Then separate all input jacks as independent input devices.
  3. Hi Dingo, downloading them to try now, will let you know how it goes.

    Pyree, I tried that and have had no luck :(
  4. Okay, Tried the vista drivers and no luck. I have a mate who thinks the mobo might be faulty, but it worked fine before the ssd install, and the only thing i touch on the mobo was the sata port, and i ensured no static...
  5. More likely to be the mic's fault since there is a spike in noise when you pull the mic out, indicating the mobo sound card is registering the mic being pulled out. Check that the mic is working.
  6. Have you gone into Device Manager and checked to see if the device is ok? Have you Uninstalled the device from Device Manager and re-installed drivers from there?

    Have you tried it from Safe Mode?
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