MTP USB Devices not working

I am having problems getting MTP devices to connect to my computer. Any help is appreciated.

Originally I had this problem with my Canon T1i, so I bought a memory card reader.
Now the problem is occurring with my Google Nexus 7 Tablet.
Other USB devices like keyboard, USB drives, mice... work fine

The typical scenario:
I plug the USB device in, it attempts to install and then I get a "Device driver software was not successfully installed" for MTP USB Device.

Typical error message in Device Manager:
This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

Some times it also reads "Code 10"

What I've tried
- connecting to other USB ports
- connecting devices to other computers running windows 7 (works)
- Updating device driver in device manager
- Uninstalling and reinstallnig the device in device manager
- Uninstalling USB Controllers in device manager
- Uninstalling Apple software
- Repairing Windows Media Player (Not sure if it actually repaired since there's no installer)
- Running a registry cleaner among other regular maintenance
- This Solution
- Several Other internet/forum solutions with no success.

My System:
- Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 Bit
- Intel Core i7 930
- 12 GB RAM
- 64GB C: Driver (OS + Programs), 1TB D: Drive (User Folder, Docs + Programs)

DXDiag Report:
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  1. Is it possible that security software is the cause?
  2. ag25 said:
    Is it possible that security software is the cause?

    Your problem in MTP Device !! Ok downlode this : :)

    I think its 100% work if you talking about Android devices problem in Microsoft Windows.
  3. Ok if you tried to install MTP Device and not working !!! TRY :: driver checker ::

    ► this program check automatically for not working driver.
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