backup RAID 0 ??

Best way to mirror for hot or cold swap redundancy?

If i use 2 SATA 36 Gig drives in RAID 0 , can i mirror them on to a single 80 Gig UDMA drive (Similar to RAID 0+1) , or doesnt that work ?
would i need two UDMA drives on the IDE port as master/slave?
Is it even possible to RAID0+1 using 2 SATA plus 2 UDMA anyway , or do i need 4 identical SATA HDD???

My ASUS A7N8X-E DLX only has 2 SATA and 1 IDE port

Was thinking if i get trojans / viruses on the RAID array , i wipe them and copy from the mirrored cold swapped UDMA drive.

I know with RAID 0+1 gotta have 4 drives , with SATA , i can get a hotswap bay that fits into my 5.25" bay and it takes 2-4 HDD , but four drives is getting expensive if i can do it with 3 somehow. (2SATA ,1UDMA)

and can someone tell me how many drives a RAID 1+0 needs ?

I have spent a few hours searching through posts here , and _YES_ , i have read through the RAID FAQ on this page already without finding detail on RAID 1+0
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  1. RAID 1+0 isn't discussed in detail in the FAQ, since most integrated controllers doesn't support it.
    RAID 0+1 (which is different from RAID1+0) is, however, described.
    For RAID 0+1 and 1+0 you will need an even number of drives and minimum 4.
    Your mobo can provide neither RAID 0+1 or 1+0, since it only supports RAID for SATA and you can only connect two SATA drives. Thus you are limited to RAID 0 and 1.

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  2. thankyou for reply

    How would you backup for example if it was 2 SATA drives setup in RAID 0 ,prolly not worthwhile using a PCI RAID card (SATA or ATA) for two more drives , i suspect it would compound headaches ,and i only have the one IDE 80 pin plug?

    The problem i have is having to reformat my drives 4-5 times a year due to hacking trojans and spyware that slow down my system , and usually corrupt it when i try to remove them , (yes i use firewalls)
    I am involved in journalism ,seems somebody has an interest in what i am doing.
    I want a "fast turnaround redundancy"
  3. Here is what I do with my RAID 0 setup:
    Personal and valuable data I backup either manually or use some backup software. Obviously this backup destination can be any drive.
    The OS, I keep on a drive partition for itself. This partition I backup using drive image. If the OS gets slow or infected I reinstall the image. It takes less than 2 minuttes.

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  4. Highpoint recently updated the BIOS on alot of their RAID controllers to now support RAID10 instead of RAID0+1 so RAID10 is becoming more widespread. This is mostly on controllers that support >4 drives. With the minimum of 4 drives there is no difference between RAID0+1 and RAID10 but with >4 drives RAID10 gives increased security.

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  5. Yes, but this doesn't help MySunshines alot, since only two SATA drives can be connected to the RAID controller of his mobo.

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