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How to lubricate Kenwood Direct-drive turtable bearing?

Last response: in Home Audio
September 26, 2005 12:39:38 AM

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Anyone had any experience with this table? I purchased this 1070's
direct-drive table dirt cheap and will use it w/ a Grace 707 arm. (I
have a Linn as my primary table - tinkering with the Kenwood is just
for fun!)

Anyhow, has anyone lubricated the spindle bearing assembly for this (or
any direct-drive table for that matter.) Does anyone have information
on how to disassemble matters?? and get at the bearing itself???

Any help will be appreciated!!

Pete in Chicago
January 13, 2006 10:02:50 AM


Why do you need to lubricate the drive motor? What are the symptoms? Does the platter spin below the desired speed? If this is the case I have the same symptom but I think it is more than just lubrication. I suspect that there is something fundamentaly wrong with the motor electronics - but I could be wrong. I dis-assembled it as far as I could but didn't see anything obvoiusly wrong. I dodn't have a circuit diagram for the motor assembly, (or even an osilloscope these days).
We may both have the same problem.