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As you know some kind of TV antenna rotate by a rotor .the rotor power is supplied by Main antenna wire (the wire that carry sound and image signals).I am looking for a circuit and description to make a board for this problem. How should you lead me?
It will be appreciated if you could direct me to a correct way

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  1. i dont think the antenna wire is capable of supporting such a large voltage (assuming the motor needed is at least a 25 watt thing, if not bigger depending on ur antenna) as the signal comes from the while, if you put though any amount of interference to it, the picture and sound will degrade, unless you have a way to add the voltage, carry it over the wire, and then subtract and restore the original signal in a complicated way (since the power is going up stream, and the tv signal is coming down) it would be impossible, unless there are some sort of unused wires in the antenna, it would be just easier to use a extra wire.

    this is from my limited understanding tho, maybe some expert in this field can help ya, but what you are trying to do (if I understand it) is impossible from my knowledge
  2. When I used an antenna rotator for my FM decades ago it had a (I think) five or six core flat cable that carried the voltage and stepping commands.

    The FM signal still required a separate conventional screened cable.
  3. I think the only way to do this would be to make a proprietary digital signal...but even that would require some kind of converter circuitry on the antenna/motor assembly itself, and, thus, a separate power cable.

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