FSB and Memory sync question.

I'm confused with how front side bus speed and memory speed work.
I've been told it is best to run FSB in sync with memory speed.
Eg. DDR RAM at PC3200 or 400 MHz or - PC2700 or 333 MHz
Front Side Bus: 400/333/266/200 MHz (AMD)
Front Side Bus: 800/533/400MHz (Intel)
So with DDR RAM the 400 MHz is acually 200 MHz, right?
And with AMD 400 MHZ FSB it's acually 200 MHz, right?
So this would be in sync.
With Intel, 800 MHz FSB quad pumped would be 200 MHz, so you would want DDR RAM 400 MHz to be in sync right?
So would AMD's FSB of 333MHz(166MHz) be in sync with DDR 333 MHz(166Mhz)??
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  1. Yes, your are correct.

    Also, prior to Dual Channel, Intel boards actually ran better with the memory out of synch, simply because DDR333 is faster than DDR200...on the QDR400 bus processor. It was a bandwidth issue solved by going to dual channel mode.

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