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i had formated 1 of 2 hdd with xp to start me off , got a copy of win7 and put that onto drive 2 of 2 . tried to delete the files on drive 1(xp) and was stuck with one file .. so i thought i would be smart and delete the partition , well i did and got stuck installing xp again , now i cant get my system to boot up win7 on drive 2 , i tried switching the drives in bios and the sata conections themselfs ? im lost and i need help
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    Switching the drives will do nothing. You need to write new MBR to your second hdd.
    Have a look here:
  2. thx for the link it should fix the problem , i just have to write the 7 cd , probably the reason i got myself into this mess at least its a secondary pc
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