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I have IIS installed in W2k Pro with no dialup networking configured. Only the local area connection is configured with 'obtain an ip address automatically' selected - the ip is automatically set to and tools like ping etc work fine.

When I try accessing the default web site (say, http://rajanpc, or, or localhost or, IE gives the 'The Web page you requested is not available offline ...' with the Connect & Stay Offline buttons.

I have tried setting the following, but without success ...

1. the ip directly to in the network control panel,

2. the ip address in the 'Default Web Site' in iis to

3. Creating a virtual directory under the 'Default Web Site' to be accessed as http://rajanpc/bharat

On the other hand, the ftp site works fine.

What else do I need to configure. Kindly help.


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  1. You might have to relax the security settings in IEx? or something to that effect, firewalls can prevent pages from being opened depending on their settings. Have a good fiddle with those and even allow "certain sites" by adding them. Sometimes I have to turn off firewalls to open some pages.

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  2. Quote:
    IE gives the 'The Web page you requested is not available offline ...' with the Connect & Stay Offline buttons.

    Can you access any other webpages from this machine? You usually get that message when you're not online.
    Otherwise, I generally just left the IP in the Internet services control panel left to "undefined" and it worked fine. Where have you set your root directory to, and is there a webpage located there? Do you have a default document set, if so verify it's where it's supposed to be.
    I had nothing but problems with IIS's web service. Freezing, and incompatibility issues. I switched to Apache and have had no problems since. I'm also running MySQL and PHP on it. And I still use the IIS FTP service with it as well.
  3. Thanks a lot, Jasen & Scotty for your replies - I am working with your suggestions now. All pages I try to access in this environment generate the said messages. The Inetput/wwwroot folder is loacted in the W2k partition (F:\Inetpub\wwwroot).

    Sometimes, the pages are accessible when I click 'Connect' and then choose 'Work Offline' from the subsequent box. But it is never straight cut.

    Meanwhile, can you help with another issue? I have been designing a site for one of my clients (in FP2k) - this also contains a couple of contact info collection forms which need to save results on submission, as well as send an email to the client. How to make this work? How do I get to interact with the FP Server Extensions on my Hosts?

    And is there an alternative to using the FP Server Extensions?

    All help will be greatly appreciated :-)
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