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So I have an MSI 1013 barebone system that I built last summer. This evening when I go to use it I notice the backlight on the lcd isnt working (I can still see the display, but the backlight making it bright isnt on). When I tilt the screen a little more than half way towards closing it, the backlight comes on, but when I open it more it goes off.

So, basically I can use the laptop w/ a backlight when the screen is tilted closed, and not when it is fully open.

I opened it up and checked all the connections, they are all fine. I can't figure out why the light is cutting out when its open? Any ideas?

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  1. It must be a bad connection somewhere or a problem with the switch that turns the screen off when you close the screen.
  2. I dont think it is that, when i press it in the screen backlight goes off as it should, but it isnt being depressed at all when the lid is open as it should be.
  3. Hey anthropelexis,

    Just letting you know that you are not alone with this problem. I also have an MSI 1013 barebone that I built almost two years ago. The back light recently started acting funny on me two days ago, just like how you described on top. Only working at a certain angle of the lcd towards closing the laptop, but when you put the lcd all the way to do normal computing, the screen would dim to a steady level (I'm guessing two notches up from the dimmest level) and stays there without being able to control the dimming. I have heard of backlight problems in IBM's and Acer's, but never have I heard about MSI lcd backlight problems. I personally don't think it is a backlight issue, but a connection issue. If the backlight was totally out, then you shouldn't be able to control the backlight at any angle the lcd is placed (in our case towards half way on closing the laptop).

    I also have taken this 1013 of mine apart before to do some cleaning and upgrading, but as checked yesterday (opening it up) looking for any signs of wear-and-tear, I didn't see anything different since before. I did see that one of the wires to the left (not the one with colorful extensions, but the pure black rubber coated one) had some wear and tear at the end of the wire at the lcd corner itself. I tried to electrical tape it, but after all the work and putting it back together, the dimming problem is still there.

    This bugs a lot. I also contacted MSI USA division, and the tech support said that it maybe because of the "lcd inverter cable" but I think thats the one with the color bands, and it seems fine to me when I checked it.

    I don't know what the other wire (pure black rubbered wire) is called, do you?? I think that maybe the main culprit, but please correct me if I'm wrong.....I love this little thing....but if this continues, I might be urged to get something else other than MSI in the future.....I am going to contact MSI Taiwan, because that is where it is based, and maybe they have a more definitive answer than "I think its the lcd inverter cable"

    I'll let you know what I find out, and please update me when you can about your situation, because it will help me dearly to find a quick answer(s) to think irritating bug......such a nice laptop too, and this would be the last thing I expect out of it.......

    Thanks man in advance....

    d l b
  4. Hello;

    The dimming problem just because of the lcd inverter cable. check it;)
    i solved once that problem, but now there is a problem i have there is no light at all.
    if someone already solved that, i am waiting for his advice.
    thanks a lot.
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