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Hey guys,

my brothers getting into video editing, 3d animation, digital sculpting, etc. Programs like Maya, Mudbox, and zbrush. What is the best workstation laptop he can get for under 3000 dolars? I was thinking the dell m90 with 2gb memory,2500m quadro, and vista as the upgrades. Couldnt really find anything other than dell as a mobile workstation.
So suggest some laptops please!
Suggest the best video editing software he should use!

(crossing my fingers for my new antec 900 and gigabyte odin)
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  1. The HP Compaq 8710p has a few flavors which might work for you. . It has a 17" LCD up to 1900 x 1200, Nvidia Quadro 320 , 2-4 Gigs RAM, 160 Gigs Sata 5400rpm HDD and a T7300-T7700. It has a 8 cell battery, and 3 years of warranty. Comew with Vista bussiness, that means you can order it with XP PRO if you need it. It costs way under $3000 with the top configuration. Give it a look. Now for video editing software, it all depends on your needs and personal taste. There is Adobe Premiere to consider if you go pro, or even better AVID for pc. Otherwise Sony Vegas or Ulead video studio might do the trick.

    Happy holidays!
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