Windows Vista 32bit unable detect full 4GB RAM.... Help!

Hi All,

I have bought a Dell Vostro 1400 with Windows vista 32bit. I am doing some simulation on vmware. Thus, i have installed the vostro with 4GB of ram. However, it only detected 3.5GB. Could anybody tell me is this normall? How could i "redempt" all those 4GB ram. Thanks for advise !

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  1. 32-bit OS' don't recognize the full 4gb. I don't remember the reason for it, but it's normal and there is nothing wrong with your system/RAM. If you want the full 4gb, go to a 64-bit OS.
  2. 32bit OS are not able to address the entire 4GB memory, google and wikipedia can tell you that
  3. Thanks for all the reply. Does PAE help? I cant find a detail PAE info. Anyone tried usng PAE to "redempt" those missing ram ?

    Many thanks !! :hello: :hello: :hello:
  4. no. the ram isnt missing, follow the google info. 32bit cant handle 4gb its in the math
  5. I installed SP1 and vista 32 bit is seeing 4gb of ram
    it shouldn't be possible but it is???
  6. screenshot ?
  7. 32bit can address 4GB, but what that involves depends on the system, and how it's used, because it takes up some of that possible address space to account for various other parts of the system which eats into that address space for IRQs etc.

    Vista SP1 does 'see' the full 4 GB but alot of that is still going to be eaten into. Here's a quicky explanation including SP1's new support at softpedia;

    oh yeah, and PAE basically improves this to allow you the full 4GB of memory and prior to SP1 it wasn't allowed to access but the bottom 32bit of the memory, thus negating the benefits of PAE.
  8. I got the same problem too. How ever I earlier used Vista Ultimate Sp1 32bit and it detected all my 4 gb of ram. Now I got Vista Business 32 bit (without SP1) , and it don't detect it anymore. :pfff:
  9. yeah only sp1 and sp2 will make you detect 4gb but depends on your laptop you might see 3.7 or 3.6 instead because it will be used for graphic and processor ect..but yeah you get the pont
  10. SP1 detects 4GB, but it still uses less (2.5-3.5 GB, depending on the other details of the system). The full visibility is just to placate the users.
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