So I have this new idea for keyboards...

So I have an idea for a new feature for laptop keyboards/phone keyboards/touchscreen keyboards

I think its pretty good and would be incredibly useful....

But I'm afraid to tell anyone about it because they might try to steal it :(
And I cant necessarily just call up intel and ask to speak to the owner and tell him about it.

Can anyone give me some advise on what I should do? And who I should contact to sell this idea to...

I Don't think I can get it patented, because its just an idea. It would require (minimal) hardware and a bit of software engineering. Two skills I don't possess and can't afford to pay for.
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  1. Ideas are what you patent. And if it's not patentable or copyright-able the you're kinda out of luck, because all the major companies with the hardware and skills get a bunch of these 'ideas' every day for within and without, and so you'd need some way to share it yet get credit, and if it's easy to come up with, then you might not be able to patent it to begin with and would have to rely on 'the kindness of strangers'.

    So either do it for the good of the world, or else get a lawyer to get you a patent/copyright.
  2. Do you know of any small computer businesses that might be 'trust worthy'?

    Someone or a company that would be able to do a little programing and hardware creation (making a keyboard, or at least designing it and having it made).

    I think it would be easier to approach some small company as opposed to HP or Dell
  3. sorry I dont know~~

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