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I have installed a driver via Microsoft. but it will not recognise my Bose Music system (with Bluetooth) and will not play audio. It should. What can I do?
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  1. If your using windows 7, goto start control panel hardware and sound click add device then on your Bose you click button next to AUX not power button the button with blu-tooth logo for about 20 or 30 secs, you will hear a beep the system should then recognize the Bose, if it dos look in your system tray for sound "ie speaker icon" right click the icon goto playback devices then make sure your blu-tooth sound is setup if its there right click then make it default by clicking make default device, if you don't have a blu-tooth device on your system none of this will work you can buy one don't buy a cheap one from a pound shop these are only for things like keyboards or mice and windows will install a crap driver .. hope that helps ... if not get back I will help further good luck ...
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