Memtest errors: long post but PLEASE help

system : 2100+ [auihb] on A7N8X-del, rev2 bios = 1005; sprire falconroackII hsf; 1 gb twinmos w/winbond bh5 pc3200 ram; enermax 350w psu;
stock vcore and vdimm
it has been running stablely for 8 months at cpu = 166x12; ram = synch on 6-2-2-2; i have gotten it to boot and run upto 2158 MHz via 166x13 [albeit hot!]
this week i decided to "explore" the 200MHz fsb; but machine failed to post at 10.5x200; crashed at 10x and 9.5x200 fsb [with a '7F' stop error]; i had dropped the ram timings to 8-3-3-2.5 [again always stock vcore and vdimm]

i wasnt sure if the problem was cpu [even though it runs faster on 166 fsb that 9.5x200], ram or even m/b
ran memtest and got the following range of results: [nb legacy usb = diabled]

#1 cpu= 11x166 ; ram = "by spd" ie 200mhz, 8-3-3-2.5 ; memtest 10 passes w/ 1416 errors: 1158 test 5, 261 test6
#2 cpu =13x133 ; ram = "by spd" ie 200mhz, 8-3-3-2.5 ; memtest 6 passes w/ 50 errors all test 6
#3 as #2 but i disabled even USB controllers: memtest 5 passes with 1146 test 6 errors!
#4 cpu =13x133 ; ram = synch ie 133mhz, 6-2-2-2.5 ; memtest = 0 errors in 10 passes

i need to find out what test 6 errors implies [as i understand that the masses of test 5 errors can mean many things], but i guess it is becoming
increasingly likely that these are due to memory? perhaps that is why my machine wont post with 200mhz fsb [even though it does with mem at 200 and fsb = 133/166]??

the last check i have [as well the help from you guys please!!] is to swap out the ram with a friend and he test his in mine and me his in mine

otherwise i need to determine if it is my m/b or the cpu that is hinderring me....
i value your insight

<b>my cpu runs so hot I dont need central heating in my house!</b>
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