Dell Inspiron 2550 keyboard problem

I have a Dell Inspiron 2550 with a weird keyboard problem. Using a wireless mouse to place the cursor in an email box results in the #1 being inserted over and over and over until the backspace key is entered. Pressing the back space key is the only thing that stops it. When typing a letter the #1 randomly appears throughout the document. The #1 character is the only extra character that is being inserted. No other characters. All characters seem to be working. Any ideas?
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  1. Maybe the wireless mouse is getting misidentified as a wireless keyboard.

    Try using the mouse pad or plugging in a non-wireless mouse and see what happens.
  2. In addition if you actually press the #1 key it does not work at all.

    Further trouble shooting after the computer would not boot revealed a bad memory module. When the bad module was removed the problem went away. Not sure what the memory module and the keyboard relationship is but for now everything is working. Thank you for your input.
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