Which SATA Hard Drive should i buy?

I made another thread earlier between maxtor , and western digital but i did some research and there is a new competitor. I can not afford raptors and besides i need more storage.

So which SATA drive will you buy ?

Segate 7200.7? (Native SATA)
Western Digital? (Bridged)
Maxtor? (Bridged)

I currently I Have an Abit IC7-G and i might be switching over to the Asus P4C800 Deluxe.

I don't know which board will support the SATA to the maximum potential?

BOth motherboard support SATA
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  1. I vote for Seagate and WD (WD moreso, however).

    Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
  2. Vapor can you explain why you would pick Western Digital ?
  3. Experience...also the 3 year warranty. Seagate would be my second choice (little experience with their drives), but from my experience they are very quiet and the 7200.7s look fast. I've had bad experiences with Maxtor/Quantum, I won't buy anything from them unless it's revolutionary (á la Raptor).

    So to answer your question more directly: the fact that I've never had a WD die on me (I've owned quite a few) says a lot. Their performance is also stellar, and when combined with a 3 year warranty, they are unbeatable, IMO.

    Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
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