I dropped my sony ericsson k770 in the toilet, it wont turn on but the red charg

Okay, so today i dropped my SISTERS phone in the toilet i grabbed it back in 2 seconds flash! quickly dampened it out, tried to fix it..the battery was low before it dropped in the water, so i tried my best to dry it! and turned it on, and it worked...but soon my battery died, so i decided to charge it, the red button shows when being charged! but I CAN'T TURN IT ON! and i need it ASAP! My sister can NEVER find out what happened! she'll murder me :(

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  1. You should have put it in a considerable amount of "Rice" first before drying it.(With the battery taken out).
    Anyway,your battery maybe damaged.So you may want to test another battery in it.If that didn't help,then I'm afraid you can't do anything about it(unless it's under warranty)
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