Hey there clever people :)
Im looking to buy a laptop that i can work on and will also be able to run some games( nothing fancy), even if its on lowest graphics setting.
I was wondering if this is any good: Intel GMA 950M Graphics. Its the graphics thing on most of the laptops in my price range. Some of them also say UMA graphics module( donno what that means).
Also the ghz on the laptops range from 1.6-2.2. Is that any good also?

Thx for any help guys :)
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  1. What games do you want to play?

    You should probably shoot for 2 GHz as a clockspeed, but it depends on the processor model.

    If you're looking to do any gaming at all, do not get a notebook with an Intel GPU.
  2. Games like the old Ghost Recon and maybe CoD4( i dont mind low fps, like 40)
  3. You're going to need at least a midgrade GPU for that. I wouldn't go with anything less than an 8600M GT
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