Need help choosing

Im looking at 3 systems right now, and I dont know which is the best bet

I like the price of the first one, but I dont know how the turion compares to the intel, and I know the 8600 is better than the 2600, because they're both ddr3, will the performance difference be worth the extra $

the other system I was looking at is:
with the system modified with a 2.4 core 2, and a 250 gig HD, bringing the total to around 1206, which is cheaper than all the others, but this one is from a less main stream brand, and the video card is only ddr2.

Which would you go for? Also if anyone has any other suggestions about systems, the budget is not much higher than 1600 including tax, and I would PREFER a ddr3 video card, and even an 8700GT if possible (i havent really been able to find any systems with the 8700GT, aside from a toshiba with a weak 1.8 ghz cpu)
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  1. I think I would go with the Asus G1. The Core2 is much better than the Turion and worth the extra money. As for the last option, the actual manufacturer is MSI who is a rather large name in the motherboard and graphics card sector. They have a decent following in notebooks as well. It's just that you end up dealing with cyberpower and I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about them. Also check out the Dell Inspirons and Vostros as well as the HP DV series.
  2. I just noticed that this dell XPS m1530

    seems to be on sale by almost $700. but I dont know if dell uses the DDR3 version of the 8600GT, how does that one look?
  3. I like the look of the 1530. The 8600mGT in that unit does use DDR3. What was the price of the unit you configured?
  4. It came out to like 1500 something, including tax, the only change I made to their preset system was upped the screen from the 1280 to the 1440
  5. So far, I think the Dell would get my vote. Also check this out:

    I just posted it in another thread. I own a Sager (not this model) and have dealt with the company. Not many people are willing to go away from mainstream though.
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