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Fake product key of windows 7 ultimate

Hello... i want product key for win 7.. 00426-292-0000007-85682 this is my produt id of win 7 ultimate 32-bit thanx..
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  1. I'm fairly sure that what you ask for is illegal. If you want free Windows, then get an eval copy and just don't activate it or get a college student to give you a free copy through MS Dreamspark.
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    There are rare occasions where some people do get systems that have illegal copies on them and its not their fault, however that being said, you would have to contact microsoft and give them that product id to get a cd key. I would however just recommend you buy a new copy via newegg or some other online retailer.

    If you're looking for a free copy of windows or a pirated version don't bring your questions here, as tomshardware does not condone piracy and will not help you.
  3. Did you buy the PC from a reputable system builder?

    I would go back and tell them that the product key is fake and that they should fix it.

    If they don't then I would contact Microsoft to report them and I would also contact your credit card company (assuming you used a credit card) to find out what must be done to reverse the charge to your credit card. Of course, you must return the PC.

    A few keys left on this site ^
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