upgrade cpu

I have a gateway m-6824
with a c2d 5250

I want an E6850 or at least a t7700

anyone know if I can change it

here is the mobo info

# Supported: Intel® Merom Core Duo and Merom-Lite CPUs
# Package: Socket-P, uFCPGA
# FSB: 533/667/800 MHz
# Thermal: Digital Thermal Sensor
# Core logic North Bridge: Intel® PM965
# South Bridge: Intel® ICH8M
# Memory Base: 0 MB on motherboard
# Sockets: 2 SO-DIMM sockets, both user accessible
# Type: DDR2 667 MHz SO-DIMMs
# Channel: Dual-channel
# Maximum: 4 GB
# Thermal: EXTTS Implementation
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  1. The T7700 should be possible. Not sure about the E series though. The 965 is the newest chipset from Intel and the PM is the Performance chip set so I don't see the T7700 as being a problem.
  2. thank you
    I have been fighting with gateway all day.
    the mobo is rate for a fsb of 800. Im worried if that will change on its own.
    Meaning current fsb is 533 locked out
    when I put in a new cpu will the fsb changed to match the cpu is is it locked at the 533. Gateway doesn't understand the question

    I agree the e6850 is out since the mobo doesnt support fsb of 1333

    mobo is made by Intel according to gateway

    any help greatly appreciated
  3. errrr...... that doesn't make much sense. The FSB of your CPU is 667 so that's what it should be reading as. You may want to question gateway as to why it's reading 533 in the first place when it shouldn't be.
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