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Well, any informed tech guru would know that Apple announced their long awaited tablet computer today....but is it really a "computer"? The answer, no. iPad is a gimmick; an iPhone with a bigger screen, minus voice connectivity. It uses an all-in-one Apple A4 processor which combines the CPU, GPU, and memory controller all under one chip. The chip is clocked at 1GHz.

Now it doesn't sound "terrible" and it starts at just $499, cheap for Apple products. But, the problem is, I see only one legit reason to buy this, and that is for eBooks as it is in direct competition with the Kindle. Otherwise, its very awkward. Physically speaking, its this mid sized object that....well is just weird. Its capable of doing everything the iPhone did but now, you have to drag around this tablet thats close to 4X the size of a iPhone to accomplish the same things. And its not powerful enough to do everything a laptop can do. It runs a modified iPhone OS rather than a modified Mac OSX which saddens me.

What should have happened:

- They should have used more powerful internal components so that it could run all of the "real" applications rather than just Apps. An Intel Atom with 9400M graphics seen in Air wouldn't have done bad and plenty of RAM.
- It should have been a hybrid of Mac OSX and the iPhone OS rather than simply just iPhone.
- An Ethernet port, please! This actually disgusts me. A slap in the face to us "weird people" still using *gasp* wires? Apparently they were not informed that wired connections can be up to 3-5X faster than wireless, and they can use all the help they can get running on an odd excuse for a processor.
- Multitasking support (thanks to JDV28 for the tip). What? So, if I am listening to music I can't even go on another application and listen?
- USB port(s), please! How could you deny a USB port? Not even one! Instead if you want a USB device you have to get an adapter, great....
- Lack of webcam. It would be helpful to have video conferencing, webcam support, but I suppose to out of the way, and thats what you have a Macbook for, and a couple hundred dollars more for.........

Apple products are good quality, don't get me wrong, but it is the small things that makes them undesirable for me. Lacking ports, expansion, etc. Little things that cost them maybe a half of a penny to manufacture...gone....

Comments welcome!
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  1. Yep, it is pathetic. i find it funny that there is absolutely no multitasking. but yea, all tech sites are regarding this *thing* as a failure.
  2. Oh yeah forgot to mention that in my main post. No Multitasking. Seriously? Which is quite odd quite frankly because even some phones can multitask nowadays and this thing is "in between" a phone and a laptop......not really...apparently.
  3. I look forward to seeing girly fanbois wandering around with little handbags slung across their chests with their precious iPad inside.
  4. Yeah I think they are just buying time to finish the device before too many other competitors come and steal their thunder.

    I wrote about it on my blog:
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