Assistance with new LCD purchase needed

I am thinking about picking this monitor up from NewEgg. I am wanting to play my Xbox 360 on it.

I am not too keen on the resolution thing, but how is max 1400x900??

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  1. Mroctober -

    That does seem to be a pretty good monitor for the price. The max resolution does kinda suck though. I would like one that could do 1600 by 1200, but then again I don't know much about the new Xbox and what the games will run in.

  2. I think that rocks and the price is right!
    I am waiting tho till I can swing the Dell 2405 or another similar but with better specs might come out in the next couple of months.
  3. A week ago I would have suggested the VP191B because it wasn't that much more expensive than that one.

    NOW, I am in a delema on which monitor to get too!

  4. What would be the big difference in 1400x900 and the others?

    To "naked eye" could you tell the difference? Would this monitor make games look better than my 15" CRT monitor?
  5. You want a wide screen for the xbox 360? I see now, nvm about the VP191B then, thats a computer monitor.

    I guess I'm going to have to suggest the dell 2005, or 2405, both are widescreen and can do 1600x1050???, some high widescreen resolution.

    Why would you want a computer monitor for a xbox 360 anyway?
  6. I just want a good LCD screen and have the ability to play the 360 if I choose to. Because I am sure that the PC monitor will have better resolution then a basic "tube" television.

    So how do you think pc games like COD2, WOW, etc and DVD movies will look on this monitor, if you have a decent rig that will run them?
  7. If you want to run games like COD2 at 1600x1200, the minimum would probably be a 7800GTX, if you want eyecandy turned up, for recent games, you would most definitly need SLI or 7800GTX 512.

    I'm sure the games would look good on it. The thing you want to be careful when buying an LCD monitor for gaming is the Latency. You can't go by the manufacturers rating as it can sometimes be 20ms off. It could be rated for 12ms, but in reality it is 30ms. Check out the roundup of 19in. LCD monitors by Toms Hardware to see what I mean.

  8. Xbox 360 running on a Dell 24in(?) monitor, looks freak'n great:

  9. Would you recommend this monitor?

    ViewSonic VX924
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