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I don't know if anyone out there who is familiar with the Audiophile 2496 card by M-Audio but I need help with it. I just built a new PC to play MP3 for my coffee shop. I bought it because it has all RCA outputs instead of the little headphone jacks, so I can hook it up to my hi-end stereo system. Here's my problem. This card has a crazy program that let you adjust just about everything imaginable like a real mixer. But no matter what I adjust, like level out, gain, sample rate, etc..nothing happens. I move the sliders all the way up and all the way down, but there is no effects. I can't even turn up the sound, because no matter how much you move the master volume slider, the sound remains the same. I have to resort to turn up the volume on my amp. Even the mute doesn't work. I've been playing with it for 3 days now, and I can't figure it out. I bought this card by recommendation from a couple of friends who are recording pros. They use the more expensive M-Audio Delta cards in their studios. I've already asked them for help, but they can only help with the adjustments and fine tuning, they can't help with hardware setup. They had to hire a guy to set up the hardwares in the studio. The sound on this card is incredible, even better than my SB Audigy Platnium. It will even sound better if i can get the adjustments to work. I guess the card and its program is too complicated for me and i don't know what I'm doing.
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  1. What you have is a "Professional Audio Interface". You only need a card like that for high quality recording. Thats as practical as buying a formula 1 race card for your morning commute. For $100 you can get a regular soundcard with the same high quality output.

    Contact M-AUDIO's tech support and if they can't help you, save yourself the headache and get a card thats marketed toward consumers. You can find 3.5 mm to 2 RCA adapters anywhere.

    Maybe sell that card to a musician and get an Audigy2 ZS or M-Audio 7.1 Revolution?

    Or keep it and set up a recording studio in your basement. :)
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