Who is making LCD 15" with DVI ?

I would like to know what brands are making actually LCD 15" with DVI ?
Even if the model is outdated, I would like to know if it is still available in the market.
Which brand, model, and year of production, and availability, and price ?
If not available in 15", should I go for a 17" DVI ?
Which good and cheap 17" DVI would you suggest to me, because my budget is limited, and it is to purchase for Christmas 2005 ?
Thanks again.
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  1. okay, i dono any 15' with dvi but even if it does it probably is expensive.

    check out this ACER 17' 6ms DVI from my favorite place for $229. Let me know your budget

    caution: rebate + tigerdirect = death
  2. Look for HDTV's.....almost all of them have DVI for the smaller models.
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