Dell Inspiron 1720 - power adapter input voltage

Since it is impossible to email Dell for pre sales support, and I have no tolerance for automated phone systems, I am posting this here in the hope someone reading this have a Dell Inspiron (1720) and care to take a look at the power adapter.

Since I will be travelling quite a bit between 110V (US) and 230V (EU), it would be awsome if the power adapter can take both input voltages. (Never mind the power plug differences.)

Also, does anybody knwo if it is possible to order the Dell laptop WITHOUT any Vista or Security software? When building there is no option to deselect...

Will appreciate any input. Thanks!
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  1. Forgot to mention, not sure if it means anything, but I will be ordering it from Dell in the US, not in the EU, so the power adapter will of course at least support 110V, but many adapters today support 100-230V and this is what I am hoping for...
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