Windows 7 Keeps Freezing

Every Time I try to do something it works for a little bit but then freezes. So i wait 30 minutes and it still is frozen. So next I Do a fresh Install of windows 7 and now on top of all the freezing i get things like the blue screen of death. I try to install updates but i can't because it freezes. Any thoughts on how to fix this? :cry: :cry:
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  1. You are having memory problems, run memtest86 for at least three passes to test the memory. Freezing and blue screens is a sure sign that you have problems with your memory.
  2. I do remember taking a memory card out of it's slot and putting it back in. Could i have maybe done something wrong?
  3. Ok, so i did the test and came up with 3 passes and 0 errors. Now i'm speechless.
  4. OK, i figured out it was my hard drive failing. thanks for your time!
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