Need Help with my Toshiba Laptop!

Long story short, I bought my Tecra laptop 6 months ago but had to send my laptop to be repaired because there were about thirty pixels that were dead. Anyways, 3 days later, they called me after two repairs were done and they said "Hey we can't fix your screen cause there is a small scratch on the upper left hand corner". Now this scratch has nothing to do with the dead pixels which are on the botoom right! I mean WTF if your car's power window was broken and you took it to a dealship, the dealship would fix it even if there was a dent on the door right?!?! Anyways they also said that my screen won't display now either. So I am like WTF, I complain and they finally get the screen to light up. They ask if I would be willing to pay $400 to fix the screen and I said, just send it back to me. I get it back 2 days ago, and I find the HARD DRIVE CRASHED! I lost all my vacation pictures and files! So I send it back to them, they now need to repair my hard drive. I DEMAND to speak the the boss, and the boss says theres nothing he can do. I work for a large corporation and we buy over 30 laptops from them every 2 years or so. I tell him this, the boss does nothing. I ask for his manager, he says he is the top manager. This is total BS so I've spent the last hour trying to find the head of customer service. PLEASE if you know a name or number please help! Also any ideas on what I can do? Any legal actions? Thanks for reading. Take care.
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  1. How was it shipped? Didn't happen to have it shipped insured, did you?

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