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I would like to buy a professional 19" monitor in 2005 and I don't know yet which one should I choose.My preferences are:
1.Eizo FlexScan T766 =700Euro
2.Iiyama HM903DTA Vision Master Pro 454 =400Euro
3.Philips 109 P40 =300Euro
So far I've had consideration for Sony monitors,especially for 21" Sony F520 but they have quit making CRT's.That's a pitty.I have at home a 17" Sony FD Trinitron G200.
I would be glad to find out some opinions and recommendations of the owners related to quality and fiability of these monitors.
Thank You!
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  1. If you liked Sony Trinitrons you should go for a NEC/Misubishi DiamondTron, it is basically much the same thing :)
    I had a Sony G500 for years and I finally replaced it with a NEC/Mitsubishi FP2141SB and I think it looks as good or better than that Sony ever did.

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  2. Thanks

    In conclusion I consider that 19" Iiyama HM903DT A/B has a good quality for its price,and the highest refresh rate available in 19"CRT range.And of course a 0.24 ag uni pitch DiamondTron U2.

    Is there anyone out who has one ?
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