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Removing phone from lost list

Last response: in Network Providers
August 1, 2011 8:17:42 PM

Some time (6 to 8 months) ago, I lost my phone and filed a claim with Asurion. They replaced it with a refurbished phone, which worked fine. There was a window of time during which, if I recovered the olost phone, I could return the replacement phone and some advantage sould accrue to me; I forget what it was. I did not recover the lost phone during the window, and the window chosed.

Now I have mislaid the replacement phone and found the one I lost months ago. I'd like to put the now-recovered original phone back in service, but am told it is on the "lost list" and cannot be re-activated. I have not been able to work this out with Asurion, who acts mulish, saying the phone is their property, and there is no way I can re-activate it.

How can I solve this problem ?

August 17, 2011 4:04:42 PM

You need to work that out with the service provider, nothing we can do here to activate your phone. Switch providers, try to find a supervisor, contact their public relations office, picket their driveway.